Offbeat Computation Club

Welcome to the Offbeat Computation Club! We are a mathematics and computation book club. We pick classics from the field of mathematics and computation and read them together.


To join this club, use one of the links below to log into our IRC channel. All meeting schedule updates are announced here.

Libera chat: #offbeat

Matrix bridge:

You only need to join one of these links, not both. Both point to the same channel. If you are not an active IRC user, prefer joining the Matrix bridge because it is more convenient for someone unfamiliar with IRC. For example, you can close your browser or client and your chat session will still stay alive on the Matrix bridge. You can connect back the next day and catch up with the messages. Doing that with IRC requires slightly more work such as setting up IRC bouncers etc.

Coming Up

CSES Problem Solving (starting on Tue, 19 Oct 2021)

Completed Tracks

Analytic Number Theory (120 meetings from 05 May 2021 to 01 Oct 2021)


Participate in our book club meetings by joining our reading sessions and sharing any insights you have about the reading material.

If you would like to present a talk or host book club meetings for a new book, please join our channel and talk to us.