CSES Problem Solving Club

Schedule: Usually every Tue, Wed, Thu at 17:00 UTC

Meeting duration: 40 minutes.

Problems: CSES Problem Set

See also: Numbered List of CSES Problems

Book: Competitive Programmer's Handbook (Antti Laaksonen)

Meeting link: offbeat.cc/meet

Meeting host: Susam

Meeting notes: Muboard files

Meeting recordings: Twitch

Meeting log: Past and future meetings

GitHub repo: github.com/offbeatcc/cses

† There are some exceptions to this schedule occasionally. Join our channel or follow Susam on Twitter to receive schedule updates.

‡ Browse the Recent broadcasts section for the recent, raw, unedited meeting recordings. Recordings older than 14 days are not available here. Browse the Recent highlights section for older recordings. These recordings are slightly edited to remove off-topic content.

The primary reference resources for these meetings are the CSES Problem Set and Competitive Programmer's Handbook (Antti Laaksonen). Both resources are freely available on the web.

These meetings are hosted by Susam from the #offbeat channel of Libera IRC network. These meetings will likely be attended by some members of this channel, other related channels, as well as by some members from Hacker News.

These meetings are open to anyone who is willing to join and study the reference book and the problem set with us. Note that silently lurking is considered completely fine in our meetings. In fact, most members of the club join in and stay silent throughout the meetings. Only a few members talk via audio/video or chat. This is considered absolutely normal in our meetings, so please do not hesitate to join our meetings!